About us

Beijing Bodensee biological technology,Co,Ltd was established in 2012 at the Beijing Beihang high-tech industrial park. The aims of our company is that we will provide the milk production and the service with the best quality, advocate the green life with health! Our enterprise culture is that we will persist in providing the high quality of our production, Win-Win priority and paying a strong attention on the honesty, the pragmatical attitude and the harmony. We have been trying our best to be the most dedicated, most professional international well-known enterprises, which can not only provide the milk production with the high quality to our customers but also spread our healthy idea throughout the world.

We have already become the strong performer in the field of import food just based on our deep understanding in Chinese food market, unique marketing operation and the covered distribution network with high-density. We have already established the strong and positive cooperation with our customers and partners.

We are looking forward to cooperate with you so as to open a new era in high end market of Chinese dairy industry.

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