No.1:The health source of milk
The main food of those free-range raising cow are dandelion and alfalfa. The dandelion is the Chinese herbal medicine, which can cure the mastitis, therefor, the cow will never be injected with antibiotic. Certainly, those cows are not very easy to come down with mastitis, meanwhile, the problem of the exceeding antibiotic is avoidable. The alfalfa is leguminous plant, the cow feed on it, it can not only maintain the high output, but also own the high protein content. So, the Alps is always considered as the main place of the origin for those German animal husbandry production with high quality.

No.2:The strict monitoring
The German parliament issued a standard of the milk production with the forms of law. Every step of the milk production would be recorded , ranging from the electronic chip on the ear of those cows ,to the digital label, which are printed on the package of production. If the problems occur, we could trace until the milk origin based on our record. Only after our production through the strict inspection of the Bavaria milk test station, which is regarded as the top3 milk test station of the world, could we step into the market.

No.3:The scientific breeding
Our pasture adopt the world most advanced free-stall barn and the total mixed ration, more than 200 days free grazing in a year, the cow own an enormous outdoor space for activities.

No.4:The advanced technology
We adopt the IFS (International Food Standard), all the indexes are better than the Chinese national milk standard. Our production won the gold prize for quality of the DLG for many years.

No.5:The EU standard
We adopt the manufacturing technique of the UHT , which can extend our durability until 12 months, moreover, no preservative is included.
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